Updating gimp

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Updating gimp

I can't seem to get passed the initial startup of Gimp, and was wondering if anyone had any solutions...? "Gimp crashing when "updating tag cache" seems associated with invalid "resources", in particular invalid brushes.

Or perhaps recommend to me which version I should download, since maybe my OS is a little outdated for the latest version of Gimp...? So, have you added anything in your Gimp profile yet (are you migrating from an earlier version)?

I'm running it on a Windows 7 64-bit OS, and using the latest version of Gimp, v. I installed Gimp a few hours ago and tried several solutions I found on the internet (deleting files, renaming files, leaving it alone for a period of time, etc.), but end up with the same crash report whenever I try to start it up for the first time.

It crashes immediately once it reaches the "Updating tag cache" stage.

I think Verse really ought to be released for the next version of Blender.

Koba Well it's time to give you a shout, Koba 9as I really have no idea what i'm doing here - (artist not technician) Here's what I did...you tell me what I've missed?

The verse server that is built from the source is compatable with blender. I finally managed to get verse working and the two programs to communicate with each other.

I think I read somewhere that the team behind Elephants dream used the gimp-verse-blender trio in their production pipeline and I can't imagine them using it in such a clumsy way without image layers. I must also mention that blender's UV/image window sometimes acts strangely, it doesn't update images as it should, this is most probably due to bad graphics drivers. I use: one of the latest Blender SVN builds with Verse from Gimp 2.2.15 Gimp Verse plugin from this site Uni-Verse-r6p1 My specifications: Windows XP SP2 ATI radenon 9600 Some AMD processor 2,3 Ghz 1GB RAM No changes are displayed when I merge the layers so it's not really usable.

That will get you a whole host of updates on various things, including updating GIMP to 2.8.10.

With a little command-line magic, you can indeed upgrade GIMP, and only GIMP, in a way that will keep you up to date in the future.

Yesterday, I downloaded it from the official Gimp website.

Since it didn't seem to be working, I uninstalled Gimp completely, and then reinstalled Gimp (v. I still can't seem to get passed "Updating tag cache" on startup, though, and I'm also unsure of how to check size and MD5 hash.

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It will take a few minutes to refresh, and may look like it's stopped, but rest assured it's still working away.

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