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Updating database in vb

All we need is to tell it which driver to use and where to find the database file. Then we give it the connection string and open the connection…

If this had been a database like My SQL located on another server, we would have to specify IP address info as well as port. Notice in our code above we create a new Ole Db Connection and give it a connection string to tells it where to find and to use our OLEDB 4.0 driver.

We will work on reading a simple column (name) from an Access Database table (Employees) and stick those names into a listbox for selection.We always upload the data to a table and then begin the process.Although this process works are you familiar with any other options to directly perform the INSERT, UPDATE or DELETE operations?Almost on a daily basis we run across posts that ask about using a . Oh it might have a slight variation like “How do I load a value from a database into a textbox?” or “How do I read a database into _______ control and then update the database?

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The Data Adapter will use our connection (a well???