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The older man holds her hand, brings her flowers, writes her love notes, takes her out to the mall, and buys her the things she wants, and much, much more which is usually taught in the bedroom.

Meanwhile, those boys or young men around her can't fathom what she sees in a wrinkled, grey haired, overweight older man who walks slow and talks slower.

You really can decipher an incredible amount from what a guy says even on the first few dates.

Look at the language he uses, look at the nature of his life and see if yours fits in with your vision for your life.

The girls were "loving" these men, lying about their ages, sneaking out of their parent's homes to meet older men, etc.To her, romance is nothing more than a movie complete with sex and dinner.In her mind, she has never been treated like a lady by her younger boyfriends.They know how to take a younger woman and mold and shape her into what he desires (at least for a time--that is until she acts up--then on to the next one.) Feel free to share the information on this site with those younger women you may know who are currently dating all sorts of men.Contributors are not all licensed or trained in relationship counseling.

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