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Scott baio and nicole eggert dating

Although, it's contrived it's great to see that he is still attractive and wants to change his wild bachelor ways and settle into his life as an adult.

From Playboy to DILF Scott Baio is charismatic to carry his reality show but he might leave you yearning for something a little more interesting.

Just because the show didn't have "class" doesn't mean it wasn't funny.

Along with his best friend, Buddy, Charles attempts to manage his life, especially college and girls, as well as tend to the family.It is interesting to see Baio and his friends including "The Wonder Years" star Jason Hervey.He discusses his past with many of his old girlfriends and goes on a vow of celibacy.Baio who spent two months dealing with commitment issues faces his future with his girlfriend and a new life on the way.All of his friends and Doc Allie are back to help Baio adjust from being a selfish bachelor to a selfless father.

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I would have to disagree with anybody that says Charles in Charge is a stupid show. It has romance,its funny,and it (in my opinion)is one of Scott Baio's best shows. It started the career of the shows different actors.

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