Q tip rapper dating

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Q tip rapper dating

Shampoo hair with your normal wave supporting shampoo and rinse-out conditioner.

Blot hair with an absorbent towel to remove excess water.

Remove the curlers and avoid brushing or touching the curls until you are ready to style.

For a different spiral curl, try these revolutionary new curlers that don't require any clips to stay in place.Roll the hair in a spiral pattern as if you were creating a spiral curl with the curler. If you don't have enough rollers to do your entire head, as you unfasten the newly created curls, pin them carefully in place with a clip or pin.Let the roller re-heat and then apply to a section that has not been curled.Remember that the larger the barrel of the curling or spiral iron, the bigger the curls. Adjust the time according to your hair texture and needs.For some people they will only need to use the iron for a few seconds. After you remove each curl from the iron, let it completely cool before touching it. When you have finished curling your entire head, spray with a good spray.

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Remember that the larger the barrel of the curling or spiral iron, the bigger the curls. If any of the curls are not as tight as you would like, use the curling iron to spot curl. Always finish with a light to medium spray to allow your hair to have movement. If your hair tangles, spritz while wet with a good detangling spray. When hair is completely dry start at one side of your head and work on two inch sections of hair at a time.

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