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Q: Charitable giving is an important principle of many faiths.

How does the church view this in the context of adherents' estate planning? TOM: We encourage church members to consider charitable bequests as part of their planning.

We see death as an evil to be transformed into a victory by faith in God.

Without them, the patient is often left to a civil court to determine what treatment will be given, refused or removed as in the recent Florida case of Terri Schiavo, whose estranged husband has been attempting to remove her life support against the wishes of her parents and family. Vladimir's Seminary, was interviewed by Martin M.Q: It seems essential that a priest be called to administer these rites and address the decisions. TOM: It's quite essential since many of the issues to be decided are gray. Consider designating a particular priest or church to be contacted and providing contact numbers in the living will. There is generally no problem from a religious perspective.Many pastors in fact are encouraging organ donations out of compassion for those in need.Shenkman of the a legal publication, on the subject of "Estate Planning for Orthodox Christians." In this stimulating interview, Fr. Q: Living wills and health-care proxies raise a host of religious issues.Tom gave an Orthodox Christian response to a number of "end of life" issues and suggested drafting comments for inclusion in a living will and health-care proxy. What are some concerns that attorneys helping Orthodox Christians should address? TOM: The church's view of life-and-death issues should ideally be reflected in the living will and health-care proxy.

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Our ethical experts would probably use the modern medical test of cessation of brain activity as a definition of death.