Maggie siff dating

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Maggie siff dating

"The show is an epic tragedy and a tragic love story," creator Kurt Sutter tells in a postmortem interview you can read here.

After Tara decided against going into witness protection, Jax (Charlie Hunnam) tracked her down. Patterson (CCH Pounder) for the gun charges related to the school shooting.

But Tara's always been somewhat of a tragic character.

In most of her efforts to change her life or to get them to leave Charming and create a safe environment for her children, she's mostly failed time and time again.

When she sees them [at the park] she knows it's the end.

I think that scene was about saying what I have to say to him before I go, and saying what I have to say to him to try to protect my children one last time. At the same time, she's also really mourning herself and her own failures.

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