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My, “you just skidded into a guardrail”, light just went off so I guess I need to attend to business. The Mc Cain team single handedly screwed up America’s perception of one of our best politicians in the modern era.

In many ways, she could have been America’s “Lady Di”.

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Install Ferzu for FREE and enjoy these features:- Furry chat and notifications- Furry dating, profiles and photos- Wall posts, likes and comments- Meet furries nearby and online worldwide- Newsfeeds (global, regional, people you follow)- Search with comprehensive criteria This app is for those 18 and older.

While that is pretty admirable, it shows just how frightened we are of powerful women.

Sarah could have moved this country forward by light years. Leave a Comment » | Uncategorized | Tagged: Barack Obama, Barbie, Black Knight, Christian, Governor Palin, Hillary Clinton, hockey mom, Humor, Hussein, John Mc Cain, Lady Di, Monty Python and the Holy Grail, Muslim, news, politics, RNC, Sarah mistletoe, Sarah Palin, Stepford Wives | Permalink Posted by tannerleah When I first read the headline, I thought for sure it had finally happened…the Jonas Brothers had finally pushed someone over the edge and caused them to whack somebody. No, the latest group to be accused of influencing the behavior of idiotic teenagers is Insane Clown Posse.

It's the social networking version of Jonestown with its social shunning and sheer insanity being preached to you.

I mean, I might have just as easily have guessed that it was a flat tire, no?

Personally, I hope they start adding more of these lights. When all of the haters said she spoke too much, Sarah comes back and says she didn’t speak enough.

General slowness makes me unsure if a message sent, but then it goes off.

Refreshing the screen should be easier too; the rest of the phone updates the page or refreshes when you pull down from the top, making this a feature would make it more streamlined with the rest of the phone. For a free app, definitely not bad, but with how the furry community works, we could do a Go Fund Me page or something to get this the funding it needs to be developed properly.

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I saw an ad for it on Fur Affinity, which made me download it.