Free iphone chat rooms

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Free iphone chat rooms

This gives users lots of anonymity on Rooms, though not as much as the privacy-minded Cryptocat.

The practical upshot is that Rooms doesn't feel clean and refined, but uncomfortably claustrophobic.

Whether you want a free private chat room with text-based chat or free private webcam chat, these options have it all.

Most free private chat rooms providers require a screenname or account, available free by visiting their websites.

Posters in Your Room Discussion in Rooms occur in, well, Rooms.

What's missing in Rooms are a lot of the elements that are key for communities.

There are no events, and there's no way to direct message other users, which isn't surprising since each user creates a different nickname for each Room.

With that in mind, here are 10 chatting apps for i Phone that you should try: IM : The mother of all chat programs for i Phone.

Agile Messenger: has a professional look and feel to it.

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They're basically chat rooms, with posts arranged in reverse chronological order (., the newest on top).