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I was under the impression that the amount the absent parent paid the CSA didn't directly correlate to the amount the resident parent received.Again, not trying to cause a row, please don't jump on me!I can understand it may peev you that your hard earned money doesn't go directly to your sd, but it does relatively because IF her mum is recieveing benefits, that money has to come from somewhere.My ex used this as an excuse not to involve CSA, he would pay direct, but is unreliable, and why should other tax payers have funded my IS when he was more than able to support his own child?' When I first left the ex three years ago, he offered to make volutary payments and unsurprisingly he didn't stick to his promise.It was bad between us, since I refused to terminate the pregnancy and I think he got a kick, or thought I'd go back to him as myself and lo were pennyless and living in a b and b so I guess it was just one more form of control looking back................M xxx The amount that the parent with care recieves depends upon their own circumstances, if the parent was on benefits, then you would be right, the parent the child is resident with recieves a proportion of the money paid by the nrp - I am not sure of the exact amount, I understand it has recently been increased, however I am not on benefits so not sure exactly what they would recieve.

It makes me mad that SOME ex's can overtly flaunt their money as it seems in Katherine's case and definately in mine ex was out seven nights a week, had a cleaner, foriegn holls, vehicles, property etc basically everything materialistically and yet could not provide for his poorly infant son ( lo was 6mnths when I left, but was born at 28wks so not a well baby) and we ended up in a b and b also occupied by drug addicts and criminals!

I was also told by the child support agency to send in any evidence I had of his working as he had told them he isnt working at all and hasnt worked since Feb 2008.

I sent in every detail I could, I had a copy of a police statement from the solicitors which is probably the strongest evidence I had to go on and am waiting to hear back about that now.

He has always claimed to not have any money for our son.

Anyway, I don't really expect to get any money from him as he's self employed and will be as dishonest as possible with his book keeping. Ex is declaring nil income and they've accepted that.

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I gave his NI number to the CSA, the silly man even said that he would deny being lo's Dad ( I pointed out lo's name on the birth certificate, as lo has ex's surname,signed by BOTH parents lol!

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