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Error updating boot rom

Please note that if you're running a firmware version prior to 3.0 or a Boot ROM version prior to 4.1.3, your phone will be formatted during the upgrade and you will have to reconfigure your user settings, including the line configuration unless you have entered the MAC address of the phone into the On SIP interface.

You should not use the boot server if you have multiple Vo IP providers configured on your phone, as it provides a minimal configuration for On SIP service that may cause problems for your other providers.

On Soundpoint IP and Sound Station model press: Menu - Press the menu button or House Icon on your Polycom phone. Enter your password; the default password is '456'. Next, select "Admin Settings" (1), followed by "Network Configuration" (1). Change "Server Type" to "HTTP", and the "Server Address" to, using the * key for the periods.

Select "Back"/"Exit" (or use the Left directional key) and the "Save Config" option.

Because there are some methods for reactivating your PC. Try this: Please note: while testing, you should remove all unnecessary additional hardware components from your PC (not on Laptops)! removed the battery and waited a whole night, still blank.

In the "Server Menu", change "Server Type" to HTTP by using the arrow hard keys and Server Address to (Hit the number 2 twice for the letter "b", for example, and the * key for periods.

On the same screen, please note your Model as well.

In many cases, this information can also be found on the bottom of the phone albeit printed very small.

The reboot process may take up to 30 minutes on older phones, if a firmware upgrade is required.

The current version of software for most Sound Point IP phones on the boot server is 4.0.8c.

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If you see "22" instead of "b" you are in Number mode and must press the "#" key to change to URL mode.) When done, hit the checkmark hard key to save.