Email slow when updating deleted items

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Email slow when updating deleted items

Specifies a list of recipients who can send email messages to this mailbox.You can specify users, contacts, or distribution groups.Valid values include: None Update Copy Move Move To Deleted Items Soft Delete Hard Delete Folder Bind Send As Send On Behalf Message Bind By default, the Update, Move, Move To Deleted Items, Soft Delete, Hard Delete, Folder Bind, Send As, and Send On Behalf actions that are performed by administrators are logged.

The following tables list the required properties, optional properties, and published data for this activity. This property accepts the following value types: Alias, for example: JPhilips Canonical DN, for example: Atlanta. [email protected] Principal Name, example: [email protected] a list of mailbox users, mail users, and mail contacts that can send email messages to this mailbox.

You can also specify Exchange as a valid recipient for this property.

If you configure a mailbox to accept messages only from the Exchange recipient, the mailbox receives only system-generated messages.

Logs that are older than the specified period are removed. To specify a value, enter it as a time span: dd.hh:mm:ss where d = days, h = hours, m = minutes, and s = seconds.

For example, to specify 10 days for this property, use 10..

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