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Elucidating powered by vbulletin

You ought to study their FAQs and/or post to their forum expressing your actual needs to get closer to the real reason.

Here's what i could find on their knowledge database page: SSD TRIM support This features provides automated SSD optimization resulting enhanced SSD performance and longevity.

The only possible reason I can think of right now for them singling out TRIM as an exception might be that, where TRIM isn't already active on an SSD that requires cloning, Reflect Free might not successfully clone the data to a smaller SSD.

Cloning like for like or to a larger SSD should still be possible, backups might be larger than they would from a TRIMmed drive.

And from this data you will forecast the price, so they cannot be part of the slope or intercept.

TRIM is down to OS support an SSD that supports TRIM (I doubt that any modern SSD wouldn't!

Would anyone who has completed a standalone Teensy 3.1 care to share their Bill of Materials?

I would like to reduce any potential headaches with making a custom board.

Attributes are: 1) average price per year:2006=0; 2007=0; 2008=5;2009=0 2) # of units sold per year: 2006=1000;2007=1200;2008=1400;2009=1100 What I did up to now and don' know if it is right is : 1) intercept(av price 2006 to 2009;# of units sold per yr 2006 to 2009) 2) slope(av price 2006 to 2009;# of units sold per yr 2006 to 2009) 3) forecast price = # of units sold in 2009=1100*slope intercept Am I right or do I have it upside down...maybe you also have an example.

And how would it work with the normal Forecast function ?

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A quick google search (site:com teensy 3.1 part list) found me this thread: https://com/threads/26916...3-1-components - there might be others even more elucidating but I think most of us just settle for The big important ones: Crystal: (Not the same one Paul uses, I don't think, but one I use that seems to work well) Processor: Inductors: Other inductors (Can't remember if these are part of my USB hub section or the Teensy section): Diodes: Other than those, follow the schematic for things like caps and resistors and such.