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It is not, but if every person I know agrees that this haircut is a terrible idea, what am I missing that makes it good/desirable? I'm not trying to start a fight, and I know that style is inherently subjective. ), and there was a whole variety of thoughtful responses (from Abby, KIki, Hannah, and Lischelt among others).I am simply ignorance personified, and I want to be informed why anyone would go with this look. The consensus seemed to be A) You’re very brave and very funny and good on you for asking for help with something you don’t understand; B) This is nothing new: “Women from the 1920s were intentionally rebelling.And then you have to think, well, if that's why you're afraid of cutting it, do you want a man who wants a woman who’s REFERENCE], when she emerged with that short, sassy platinum cut and you watched the way she moved, it was sexy, but it wasn’t 'feminine.' It wasn’t Victoria’s Secret, or that sense of ' Come and overtake me,' it was like, ' .

I guess it’s just, for some guys, the idea of that hair finally coming down to be played with is still just such a draw.” But, what this all comes down to, is you.

Buss, a passage on female hair quality reveals the verdict on long hair: There are four main points to take away from the above passage: If a woman cuts her hair to a short length, or shaves it outright in a Skrillex haircut, we can now confidently say that she is making herself appear less fertile, less beautiful, and less healthy.

A woman cutting off healthy hair is one step away from literal cutting of her skin with a sharp object, because both behaviors denote a likely mental illness where the woman presents herself to society as more damaged than her genetic condition would indicate, suggesting that she has suffered environmental damage that has reduced her overall fitness.

They just do” and who we have watched ask more than one aspiring trophy wife to pump up the cleavage and get extensions, if necessary, to produce some Victoria’s Secret loose beach waves “Men want something to play with,” she shrieked). We decided to let our hair down (ha, ha, ha) and call in the big guns—or those who wield the big scissors—to find out what they really, truly thought about hair length, and specifically the crop.

(She also recommends staring at men, striking up conversations at random and “always, always returning calls,”) ..about ‘chic’? (Joan Juliet Buck is: “Short hair removes obvious femininity and replaces it with style... Their answers, below: Jimmy Paul: “There's obviously something very compelling about healthy, androgynous hair on a woman—youth and health and a slight bit of danger, if you really take it down to a psychological level.

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