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Lisa thanked me profusely for fixing the problem and asked if I'd share a cup of coffee with her in payment for my help.

I immediately took her up on the offer of the coffee, knowing that I had a semi-hard cock in my pants from just glancing at Lisa as she'd watched me making the minor repairs.

I could see though she had on a sexy demi-bra underneath the snug-fitting beige top she had on and a pair of shorts that I could see the outline of her bikini panties through. There was something sexy about her always being out in the yard barefooted.

Her breasts had definitely gone down in cup size since her baby's birth but they were a nice B-cup size. I quickly had the water turned off and the faucet disassembled and, sure enough, it was just a few worn parts that needed to be replaced and she was back in business again.

There had never been a time when I was around her that I didn't think about taking her in the house, stripping her naked, and pleasuring her till she had gotten her fill of being with me sexually.

When Lisa got pregnant with Elizabeth, this time her figure began to take on more womanly shape and form.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Pregnancy, .

She was aroused and I knew almost without doubt that I was going to find out very soon whether or not her pussy was wet and hot to be fucked.

"Hi, Tom, thanks so much for helping me out," Lisa said as she smiled warmly and held the door for me to come into her kitchen.

I noticed that Lisa was wearing something a little more revealing and figure-emphasizing that normal.

Mike and Lisa are an attractive young couple in the early 30's and Lisa used to teach school but when she got pregnant with Elizabeth, she decided she'd stay home and be with her at least until the little girl got old enough to go to school.

When I first moved into the house next door, I met Mike and Lisa while we were both out mowing our yards and doing some outside work.

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