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Chihuahua dating

The Chihuahua's history is convoluted and there are many theories surrounding the origin of the breed.Both folklore and archaeological finds show that the breed originated in Mexico.No color or pattern is considered more valuable than another.

In fact, wheeled dog toys representing the Chihuahua have been unearthed across Mesoamerica from Mexico to El Salvador.

As well, larger breeding females are less likely to experience dystocia.

Typically, the breed standard for both the long and short coat Chihuahua will be identical except for the description of the coat.

Some historians believe this practice is where the idea of pain being transferred to animals from humans originated, which gave way to rituals such as burning the deceased with live dogs, such as the Techichi, to exonerate the deceased human's sins.

There are two varieties of Chihuahua – the Smooth Coat (shorthaired) and the Long Coat (longhaired).

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It may take up to three or more years before a full longhaired coat develops.

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