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Average joe dating

If average is the mean then half of us are below it. I consider myself to be below average looking, average personality, and way above average on certain other things because of test results.

So overall am I average, or do I identify with my lowest, or highest?

People generally feel much more comfortable with an average than a spectacular or distinct looking person.

Are Average Joe and Jill related to Plain Jane and John Q. It would be a good reality show, with guest appearances by every Tom, Dick and Harry.

Melana Scantlin later became a co-host for The World Series of Blackjack on GSN in 2004. Sam Generally speaking..are attracted to looks, women to the personality..that's not absolute..me, a woman has to have a personality to match her looks...if I don't get that feeling of attraction when I first see her...it's very difficult to get any chemistry going.... Average means the mean average on a bell curve, the statistic in the middle. But if they're looking for the whole deal, then it's what comes from the heart, totally from the inside, no matter of the outer looks.A gorgeous lady is cast as a "bachelorette" to find her dream man.When her suitors arrive she finds that they are just average looking guys, not handsome hard-bodies as she was hoping.

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I would argue that there are benefits to being in a relationship with someone more unassuming and less chiseled than the Mc Dreamy or Don Draper type.

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