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I have passable looks and charm, but I am better at writing than I am at dancing.If you don’t like my writing, that tells you all you need to know about my dancing.I am looking for long-term relationships, but I also cherish friends and sex (in that order).I am picking only for myself, there is no one else (parents, pastors) that I need to satisfy.In the first couple of months I went on three or four mediocre dates.

Love is a capricious spark, a miraculous whirlwind.

You being strong allows us to be soft and let our hair down (in all its hues and textures).

And we’ll do the same when your soft and loving side wants company.

I dated an exquisite 6’1″ computer scientist who dumped me when she got an academic fellowship and wanted “to stop dating for a while to focus on AI research”.

I dated a cool journalist with a unique approach to Ok Cupid who .

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I am deeply in love with my girlfriend, my feelings for her have nothing to do with the fact that a .